"Responsive web design and mobile first solutions"

Webic Solutions AB specializes in IT development consultancy services within various enterprise data systems, building and scaling apps in the cloud, building simple web sites, etc.

Webic is owned and controlled by me, Michel Edkrantz. I have a degree in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University, specializing in machine learning, algorithms, and big data. Beside my studies I have since 2008 years been involved in numerous projects.

During the later half of 2012, I did a 6-month internship in Silicon Valley, where I developed the iOS app Farsima for Velos, Inc. I was then contracted via Webic to continue the project as a consultant at Aithent Technologies in Chennai, India in the spring of 2013. In the summer of 2014, I worked as an IT-consultant at Bekk Consulting in Oslo.

Between 2011-2014 I developed and ran the web booking system www.web-book.se. In 2015 this business was acquired by SmartCode Europa AB.

From 2014 and forward I have been consulting for snösvängen.se, where we have been developing an admin dashboard single-page application using restful web services and PHP Laravel. I have a leading technical role, and have periodically been the project lead in a team of 3-5 developers.

Michel Edkrantz, CEO
Lasarettsgatan 6, 411 19 Göteborg
michel [at] webic.se, +46 (0) 730 41 42 85